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Adopt a Family: Help Our Neighbors Initiative

"Empowering Our Neighbors. Stabilizing Our Communities" is our motto and through this initiative we are remaining true to our values and supporting the community and its partners that we so gratefully serve.Your contribution will go to provide urgently needed food to families that would not normally qualify for any government program.



Thank you for remembering those of us who can't qualify for any help. May God bless you for helping us to be able to give food to our children." 

- Perez family (Corona, Queens) 

The Challenge

The life of millions of New Yorkers has dramatically changed as the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a complete halt. Unfortunately, reported data illustrates how the virus is impacting low-income communities of color disproportionately in New York City. Our very own communities of Elmhurst and Corona have been hit the hardest as Queens has become the epicenter of the epicenters for the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of our neighbors, especially immigrants, have lost their jobs and do not have access to safety net programs. These hardworking  immigrants are single mothers, are not eligible to receive unemployment and do not qualify for stimulus programs.


The Need

The need is a most basic need. Most of our immigrant families do not have the income or resources to afford to purchase food and do not qualify for food programs. Currently many neighborhoods like Corona and Elmhurst do not have established food pantries to meet the need.  Recently, the news highlighted how a “pop-up” food pantry established by Catholic Charities where the line begun forming at 4 a.m. and extended for over twenty city blocks. 


Our Response

We applaud the many community organizations that have stepped up that have been helping our most vulnerable in our communities by providing them free food. However, the current demand far exceeds the resources currently available. The reality that families are going hungry at this most difficult time is just heartbreaking.We can do more for our neighbors and our communities. That is why Neighborhood Housing Services of Queens, in partnership with our supporters and community organizations, are coming together to address the need. We are asking for individuals, families, and organizations to adopt a family during this difficult time. 



Q: Can I give you the name of a family that wants to be adopted? 

A: NHS of Queens is working with the neediest families referred directly to us by other local organizations, houses of worship, schools and other partners.

Q: Will we get to meet our adopted family?
A: In order to preserve their anonymity and dignity, you will not be able to meet your adopted family. However, know that your gifts are very much appreciated.
Q: Will the family know who sponsored their groceries?
A: Please indicate whether you will like your name to be displayed or whether you will like to provide an anonymous donation

We Thank Our Partners

We cannot do this alone - it takes a village - and we want to thank the following entities that have made this initiative possible:

The Fierro Family

The Ferreras-Copeland Family

The Quesada Family

Cesar Tavares from Keyfood Supermarkets

TD Bank

New York Community Trust

Sterling National Bank Charitable Foundation

Our Local grassroots organizations

Our Resilient Vecinxs/Neighbors from Corona, E. Elmhurst and Jackson Heights ( Queens)

We need more participating local supermarkets. If you are a supermarket and willing to participate, please

contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.